Hi there,

one of my customers has just bought themselves a macbook after the apple store layed on the sales speel. I dont have an issue with this as it keeps them happy, but they now want it connected to the work domain etc.

Now I know that i can connect the mac to the domain using the indexing tool thing which as far as i understand it binds the mac login to a domain account, im not sure however on how to get the mac to have the mapped drive, on the windows machines i just right click select mapp drive make it a letter and it appears each boot no problem, on the mac i cant seem to work out how to make this magic happen...

please oh wise ones, point me in the right direction, i did have a quick google and attempted to do it using the user pane, but every time the mac booted, the shared drive would open a window which will start to annoy the customer after a while.

many thanks