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    lost user password

    a customer of mine has lost the password for his user account, the mac itself logs on automatically but he cannot change any system settings or create new users. is there a way that we can recover the password. is there a similar way to the ultimate boot CD for windows PC's

    the mac is using OS 10.5

    any help would be great.

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    you could do it in single user mode, but I can't remember how to get into it from bootup

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    If you have the startup disks that came with the mac, insert disk 1 and reboot holding down the "C" key.

    Once the OS has booted, select "Change Password" from the "Utilities" menu.

    Select the user you want and change the password then reboot without holding any keys down. Your users password will be changed.

    If you do not have the disks that came with your mac, do the following:

    Reboot the mac holding down Apple (Command) and S as soon as you hear the chime.

    You will be dropped into single user mode.

    At the prompt, type the following:
    > mount -uw / 
    > passwd root
    New Password: password 
    Retype new password: password again
    Password changed.
    > reboot
    Your mac will restart normally.

    Navigate to Applications > Utilities and open

    Type "su -" and enter the root password you set previously.

    Once in, type
    > passwd USERNAME
    New Password: password
    Retype new password: password again
    Password changed.
    Where "USERNAME" is the unix username of your user.

    Once you have done that, you will need to sync the KeyChain passwords to the unix password, this is done automatically in Leopard however, for good measure, do this anyway.

    Apple Menu > System Preferences > User Accounts
    Select your user and hit "Change Password" and change the password again, they can all be the same.

    That should do it, you may see a warning about changing Keychain access passwords.. this is normal.

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