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    Artwork/T-shirt exhibitor help!

    Plea for help a bit;

    There was a stand with cool a4 artwork, all black/dark, of things like Gengar, Tracer and Vivi from ff9. They were also available on t-shirts.

    This is a bit vague, but if anyone recognises and can point me in the right direction, that'd be super useful!

    ~ Vowe

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    Gametee? I know they had a few black artworks and I have a mewtwo one on a grey t shirt

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    Almost certainly - they are there most lans

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    Ah yeah GameTee are awesome. Really good quality clothing for the price, too.

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    I have their 2 Portal prints framed in my hallway. Really good print quality, and their clothing is really comfy too. The lady that runs them is really nice, I had a chat with her about potential hoodie designs for autumn and she was really enthusiastic about them.

    Really happy to see them doing well at iseries/EGX

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