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    The Good, Bad & Ugly Thread - i58

    Good afternoon! Surely you all know what to do by now :P

    I will also take this opportunity to post some links to the photographs from the Pub Quiz! [They will be uploaded before 6pm!]



    - Bigclan & Jumbo Clan as always. I love you lot!
    - Games of Depth & Dead before Daylight
    - Quieter BYOC hall
    - Toilets were always clean
    - Massive help from the staff on Friday & Saturday
    - Pub Quiz attire
    - I absolutely love the atmosphere of the Pub Quiz, singing and dancing with friends at nerdfest!
    - Darkroom!

    *Special note* I do not work for Multiplay, and get paid in nothing but the joy of seeing the drunken messes the follwoing day, but I'd like to thank all staff and punters who let me go around snapping at these events. I thoroughly enjoy it as it's a little different from my main type of photography. Thanks for smiling <3


    - Lack of sleep and food
    - Air-con was a little strong near my seat and froze my butt off!


    - Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single thing GG Multiplay!

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    The Good
    - Qjacker was always quick for me.
    - Pub quiz and free beers (thanks Bethesda)
    - The internet held up all weekend, no issues while gaming or when the dreaded 'update' popped up.
    - Decent staff most of the LAN.
    - Air con. Although sometimes it got a bit cold with it on (a decent top fixed this) the aircon was lovely really. No fear of melting.

    The Bad
    - Indoor Camping. Hot stuffy and full of noisy knobheads tbh. Will be getting a hotel next year.
    - The exhibition. Most stands had about 2 bits of kit and it was crammed with kids on everything the 2-3 times I was in there.
    - Security. Seemed inconsistent really. Sometimes you could stroll through with bags, other times they would practically grab your arm to read your wristbands. Never a happy medium eh?
    - Toilets. No cold taps? Hate the gorilla drying machines. They are not suited for anyone except tiny handed people imo!

    The Ugly
    - My feet. Covered in massive blisters that made the first aid crew screw their faces up. Im rubbish at walking, and there was a lot of it due to venue size
    - Camping showers. Seemed to be queues whenever I was there, even 7am on Friday when half of them were broken! Also they began to flood by day 2 creating a lovely 'soup' of scum from the plughole... Ugh!

    Apologies for formatting. Posting from my phone while waiting on my flight home.

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    -Food selection was pretty decent (cornish bakery was great for breakfast).
    -Didn't feel like the food was too overpriced.
    -Pub Quiz was absolutely brilliant (shout out to my table, pokeballs out for Harambe, for coming 5th!).
    -For the most part our seating in the LAN hall was super quiet compared to some areas, welcome change to previous events.
    -25% off i59 tickets on sale means cheaper winter LAN! .
    -I personally never had a problem with qjacker, food was always nice and fast, I know some of my group has issues but I didn't so I'm keeping this in the good.
    -Our group will officially become a big enough group of regulars next LAN for us to start thinking about becoming our own clan (I'm amazed at this as just a year ago at i55 I was LANing alone).
    -Rubbish cleanup was quick.
    -Dark Room was incredible. If you didn't go and see it you have to the next time its on, such a great atmosphere!
    -Some people actually took selfies with me dressed up as Prof Oak on the saturday night, loved it.

    -BYOC EAS line took way too long to get through. How could they think that was enough staff?
    -Showers breaking on Friday morning meaning longer queues. Was fixed in time for next day though so giving multiplay props for that.
    -Monster area deciding to blast loud music on monday. Do you want a mob of angry LANers coming after you?
    -Pork Roll food truck closes so early, always left wanting more!
    -I know it probably won't change but the esports stage being in the LAN hall. I feel like a large majority don't really care for a cs:go match to be streamed and have people shouting and screaming while they're trying to play their own games but as we were as far away as possibly it wasn't too bad for us.
    -The walk from camping to BYOC. Prerrt sure it was a shorter walk to mordor than it was between those 2 halls.

    -The state of the showers by Monday morning. Possibly get some cleaners for them? Seems like some people are pricks in leaving their crap all around the cubicles.
    -The state of one of my group after the pub quiz. I apologize for anyone caught in his blast radius!

    Overall it was a great LAN, getting better every year, bring on i59!

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    The Good:

    - Air Conditioning kept me feeling rather brisk all the time, rather than sweating my pits off the entire time
    - Pub Quiz
    - Cleaners! They were absolutely brilliant emptying the bins almost hourly, and trotting up and down the aisles asking for rubbish
    - I'll second the Cornish Bakery

    The Bad

    - QJacker had problems on Thursday night, and it took them until Saturday evening to offer burgers WITH CHEESE, and Pork rolls WITH APPLE SAUCE AND STUFFING!. (That being said, once they got themselves sorted, it was actually great - props to them)
    - Security was really variable, and plenty of people were seen leaving the LAN with bags and boxes unchecked. This also seemed to get better from Sunday onwards
    - NEC Power Distribution failing in such spectacular fashion on one of the rows, blowing up a number of power supplies. However, I'll also give props to Multiplay for resolving the problem by issuing loaners, and replacing the power supplies so quickly. I wasn't affected but fast, no bull**** customer service like that earns you immense amounts of goodwill.

    The Ugly

    - The state of desks when people left. Seriously, can some of you stop acting like ****ing animals and pick your **** up and put it in the bin.
    - Vapers vaping in the BYOC halls. I'm a smoker, and I'm happy to go outside. Why do you think you'll 'get away with it'. Please be aware that when I've spotted people vaping at their desks, I've been reporting you to the organisers. Yeah, screw you.

    Overall, another big thumbs up to Geo and the team for putting on the biggest and most successful iSeries to date. It's gonna be work to top it.

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    -Needed the break from work, got the break from work
    -Stage locations were awesome
    -Twitch Stage location and volume was just right
    -Pub Quiz
    -Rocket League
    -Exhibition was far enough away that I wasn't worried about lots of randoms being in/near BYOC
    -Parking location and proximity to the halls
    -Took a friend with me and broke his LAN virginity... he's now hooked

    -The queue to get in on Thursday - showing up at 2pm so I can get my passes and chill for a while and then walk in at 6 - the security checks were ridiculous and that process needs to be majorly streamlined for next time.
    -None of the on-site vendors having the Logitech G900 for sale
    -No pedestrian route to the Holiday Inn Express
    -The retarded route we had to follow to get out of N2 car park by car at night
    -Tuck shop ran out of a lot of stuff on Sunday night. At least they managed to not run out of water this time!


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    - Food van selection was varied and interesting
    - Expo was packed with all sorts of stands
    - Distance of camping area from the halls was more than sufficient to render it more or less inaudible to sounds from the expo and stages
    - iHunt \o/
    - Security , despite the EAS queue (below) they were always checking for wristbands / checking bags - and checked for all three stickers on the way out with my PC, verifying the codes matched.
    - Pub quiz featuring harambe

    - Price of some things in QJacker - 40+ for something you can get for 15-20?? Bit excessive that.
    - EAS queue was ridiculously long. Was there really no possibility of opening up multiple doors and checkpoints, or opening earlier?
    - Pizza van running out of stock one evening, on top of the somewhat higher than would be desired pricing scheme in operation.
    - QJacker systems not working / breaking / taking forever. It did seem quite variable in regards to delivery times but simple things like the burger options forcing you to remove the cheese initially really should have been tested prior to go-live.
    - Air conditioning in the BYOC hall got a bit on the cold side after 9pm. It was ineffective in the camping area and i was very very hot and sticky each evening as a result.
    - The Monster / CoD stand blasting out extremely loud music. No - just no.

    - Camping site showers. Really - 12 for all that many people camping was nowhere near enough even before the plumbing issues they had with draining. It was also further not helped whatsoever by three of them being restricted to women only later on - they all have locked cubicles so was there really any reason to do that?
    I did note that the volunteers section had a block to themselves which was more or less untouched for the entire duration of the queues for me each day - perhaps that should have been opened up to the great unwashed as well to relieve the queue a little? Or you know, actually provision enough of them. Something in the region of 24 would have been about right I think for that many people camping.

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    Good - The usual
    Bad - The usual
    Ugly - The shower blocks, implementation and planning. It's bad enough when a good plan fails, it's worse when a bad plan fails. Oh and toilet paper, that was a fun game of whackamole in the stalls.

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    - Pub quiz was awesome as always
    - Although I'd seen the dark room before it was still massively entertaining. The balloon!
    - Good arrangements for the BYOC being away from the expo, especially with us getting away on the monday without having to go through tonnes of kids
    - Bigger selection of food than spring LAN was much appreciated
    - Didn't lose every game of hearthstone

    - Security although friendly were incredibly inconsistent. On thursday the queue was huge to get in but I walked out of the hall after dropping off my stuff with a huge suitcase and no-one even blinked an eye
    - Internet cut out for an hour on the thursday night
    - Cost of food/drink is still marked up excessively

    - The guy who threw up a burger in one of the urinals, I certainly didn't feel like eating for a while after that

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    - Pub Quiz - Amazing fun and beer
    - Expo - Was supprised at how good it was this year, loads to see and do
    - Staff - very friendly
    - Dark Room - Loved it!
    - Mug of ice cream (With refill)


    - Toilets had a surprising lack of toilet paper later at night. spent a good 15min trying to find a cubicle that was free and had toilet paper

    - Qjacker - Ordered a Pulled pork sandwich with stuffing and got no stuffing , and got a burger that had all the ingredients of a burger but from looking at it you would confidently say that it's not a burger

    - Camping - camping was overall a nice experience, However when in a camp site at 3AM its often polite to not have stupid conversations with people at full volume, People are tying to SLEEP!


    Nothing is ever ugly

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    The Good:
    - The people seriously be it Thursday night waiting 2 hours to get in or pub quiz you guys were amazing everyone seemed friendly and was fun to be around (shout out to pokeballs out for harambe for being awesome see you all at the next one)
    - The pub quiz was easily the highlight of the weekend for me the drinking the singing and the dancing it was great
    - Dark room was as it always is a great time
    - Meeting people i had been playing games with for a while and having a pint with said people
    - The cleaners were ontop of everything it seemed i never saw a build up of rubbish anywhere and the bathrooms were always clean
    - Play testing a likely story the game was so much fun only regret that i didn't get time for more games hope this returns

    The Bad:
    - Qjacker what can i say waiting 2 hours for pizza and chips just isnt okay and the prices were far to high for the quality of food provided the trucks were so much better
    - The EAS queue was terrible and no clear signs telling people they needed to check in first or where the check in was, i arrived at 6:40 to a long queue so i joined it and it wasn't untill i saw the check in area right next to the security guys that i realized i needed to check in first maybe some signs or something next time and not have them so close together
    - The security monday morning let me walk out without searching my bags 1 had my laptop in it the other filled with all my gear and the extras i brought over the weekend otherwise they were ontop of it
    - no where to drink and play card games as you couldn't take beer out of the lan hall

    The Ugly:
    - My Hair come friday after i had a shower and realized i forgot my hair brush so a Pokemon hat was procured and has lived on my head all weekend
    - The state of me monday morning after drinking for over 30 hours god i though i was going to die

    See you all at I59

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