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    MPUK The good, the bad and the ugly [i43 feedback]

    I know the event isn't over yet, but I thought I'd post the thread up nice and early before people start leaving the event as well as possibly getting my network taken away earlier than expected

    Same procedure goes; you list the good, bad and the ugly sections of the event. Nothing too vulgar, nor rude or personal. Please take those issues elsewhere and let's keep this topic relatively clean.


    Henners' thread and post of win: Here and here


    My content team of awesome - you are ALL amazing!
    Weirdly, my work load during the event
    My cake
    Keg of win during the pub quiz
    A new venue
    Pretty decent food
    The general atmosphere
    Hotel hax - I needed it
    Plenty of exhibitors + BF3 exclusive!
    Meeting up with many people I haven't seen for a long time


    Felt cheated by not winning the Pub Quiz
    Deprived of sleep
    Living on pasta, pizza and wraps for the duration of LAN


    Sticky floor Hall 1 & 2 - if you need to get stuck to the floor; don't use glue, just spill your pint...
    Stage Area messy after tournaments*

    Bring on i44!

    *I can understand that Telford International Centre clean up the area but there was A LOT of rubbish on Friday and Saturday night. Generally, there should be more bins in Hall 3 and the fact the floor wasn't mopped up straight away after the quiz. Maybe this would ease the work load?

    Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed i43 and the event being at Telford. I was very concerned about the move (when we found out in Greece ) but I've been proven wrong. Yes, it's annoying travelling from Reading and the extra 2 and a bit hours to my journey but it was worth it. I'll be back!

    ADMIN EDIT: This thread has trimmed off any off-topic post and discussion with the posts split off into

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    Mostly well planned out
    Meeting up with clan
    Close to centre of telford
    Pub quiz
    GT4 last night.

    Lack of bins. More so in the tent area
    Could have done with a few more exhibitors
    The tw*ts that wouldnt shut it in tent area at night

    The cost of everything added up this weekend

    I was quite impressed with i43 long may it continue

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    ASBO? Give it time!
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    Me playing through about 3/4 of Deus Ex singleplayer @ a multiplayer lan
    Playing the most games ive literally ever played at a lan
    Cod4 tournament - once it got running
    Meeting the guys ive played with online for ages
    Seeing everyone from iseries again
    Refraining from trolling noms irl

    Cod4 tournament communication - should have been some 'news' on clanforge or some communication on how to access it. Bring back http://tournaments/ rather than cf-event.whatever
    Lack of 'short' network URL's - what happened to http://food/and http://www/, shouldn't they actually work?
    Lack of information provided by mpuk on local amenities; would have been good to have an intranet at 'www' that was continually updated with latest news, and had specific local info such as local restaurants, maps, announcements, twitter feed of tannoy, etc.
    Not being able to hear the tannoy in the main hall
    Not being able to turn the lights completely off in the main hall (health and safety, gg)
    lack of toilets except an OMFG distance walk away from my desk @ back of h1
    Trails of dirty water from binliners being dragged through rows. dont like my feet sticking to the floor ta!

    Lack of ANY kind of 'healthier option' for food. Nothing hot that could be purchased was even in the same ballpark as healthy (pasta was greasy as ****). Even the sandwiches were full of cheese and mayo. Sort it for next event, please!
    KustomPCs closing ridiculously early every night
    KustomPCs not getting any G400s

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    Less Distance to travel than Newbury (the deciding factor about me coming)
    Security were very friendly
    Plenty of free goodies (THROW THE BOX! lol)

    Bar Prices
    Not enough bins
    My lack of sleep from gaming into the early hours :P

    The guy who was knocking one out at the second floor window of the International Hotel (with curtains open and lights on) as i was walking back to my hotel room on friday night. WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN...

    Looking forward to coming back though, hoping it returns to Telford

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    The new venue
    Coverage team
    Staying in the hotel and getting a good night's sleep
    Seeing friends
    Exhibition (back to i34 levels)
    Winning the Pub Quiz again

    Not enough bins
    Security were interesting. They either tried to pull your bag apart and questioned why you didn't have a sticker on your phone or didn't seem to care at all and didn't check anything as you left and entered the building. Felt like pot luck what type you got.


    Food options. I know this is a LAN but seriously. There was no healthy option at all. The food has been better at previous event and I'm sure that this venue is able to do better. There needs to be a wider and healthy food range at the next event.


    Losing the boat race.

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    • Meeting up with old friends and having a good laugh.
    • Stone Willy's pizza - its not quite Dominos, but its still decent and was great having the same peeps from Newbury on site.
    • New venue in the main was pretty good, a few teething problems were to be expected really.
    • Internet access was great all weekend, loved having a constant ping of 5 on CSS and TF2!
    • being projected onto the ceiling..
    • Surprisingly it didn't get too hot in the halls.


    • Missing BF3 alpha preview/hands on!
    • Main campsite being full to capacity when I arrived on Friday at 10am and being sent to a field 10 mins away which had no security perimeter or toilets like the main site (plus the 2m rule debacle).
    • TIC catering staff trying to sell me beer from a trolley literally every 30 minutes on Saturday afternoon!
    • Showers were a bit hit and miss - the first one I used was the best portable shower I've ever used (the ones at the back) - however the ones at the front weren't very good, basically a cupboard with a shower head in it, which mostly dribbled out (literally). MPUK should consider having a cleaner giving them a quick wipe out between uses for the busiest hours in the morning? Pretty sure that was going on at Newbury last year.
    • Person camping close to me snoring like a freight train non-stop every night.
    • Having to drive for 2+ hours instead of 25 mins to get to the site wasn't so great for me.


    • State of the toilets on Monday was something awful (tm).
    • Truly epic amount of whine and cheese dining going on with regard to the new venue on the forums!

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    posting cr*p again Event Crew! _LuMpY_'s Avatar
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    Being in a clan box
    New venue
    Having shops close by
    Watching the inbetweener's movie
    Wizzo stage surfing, not planned
    Amber security being on on the ball and friendly (not venue security)
    Freebies and more freebies
    Great stands

    Venue food over priced and poor value for money
    Stone willies pizza not good at the best of times
    Builders noise
    Loud gits at 3.00 am at uni rooms

    Certain stands packing up before the last day. Bad show guys
    Venue security always trying to bad mouth Amber security and looking like novices in comparison
    Car park just a joke
    Road works even worse

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    Being at i-series after a break of far too long - will try to make one a year from now on!
    Venue - despite being a new venue I got the impression that every time a problem was raised at least an attempt was made to resolve it
    Staff - all polite
    Showers - maybe because I went at an unpopular time (evening) there was no wait and the showers were powerful
    Stands - excellent turn out!
    Activities - plenty of things to do and go and watch
    Commentators - TotalBiscuit is ace
    Organisation - Things ran a lot better than I expected for a new venue. I can imagine that i-series is quite a different thing to what venues expect (24 hr operation, a mixture of visitors and people staying on site, having to monitor equipment being taken on and off site, people camping which they don't have their own camp site for)
    Sircles for fixing my girlfriends PC - thanks man!

    No hot water urn
    Food - food was pricey (although not surprised at that) and selection wasn't great, nothing healthy which put my girlfriend off. Pizza was nice though and comparable in price to Dominos anyway.
    Portaloos - could do with some lighting in ideally
    Lighting in halls - would have liked lights to be off from Thursday night. I understand about people needing to see to set their PCs up on Friday but it seemed as though during the day the lights were switched back on anyway.
    Council - threatening to move tents was a worry. Might I point out that the Council is probably trying to carry out its H&S duty on its land, and using guidance that they've found which states a 2m gap between tents they are trying to enforce this as a H&S requirement. If this is an issue in future could I point out that in my Asda value tent the label states that it should be 6m away from other tents, so by instructing that I have a 2m gap if there was a fire I could sue because I've been given contradicting instructions. I would suggest that the council is best off advising that people pitch their tents in accordance with the tents manufacturers instructions (thereby getting the council off the hook if something does go wrong) - I work for a council so I understand their point of view!
    Announcements - the tannoy system was pretty poor and difficult to hear, would suggest somewhere on the website/intranet that tannoy announcements are also put so that people can read them.

    Overall cost is the only thing, we ended up spending a lot more than we'd planned on food, but if microwaves are in place in future then we can bring microwavable food anyway.

    Overall - a great time, thanks to all!

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    Lots of visible security
    A nice venue, plenty of room
    Superb exhibition hall/finals arena
    Food was nice
    Rubbish was generally cleared up promptly
    Helpful staff
    Network was running smoothly throughout, aside from immediately after EAS opened.

    The food was over priced
    The rubbish piled up in some places
    Lack of bins in the campsite
    The showers were hidden right at the back of hall 2, miles from the campsite/car park
    Sticky floors
    Quite a queue when the halls opened, it crawled along, but there was no obvious reason why when we reached the front

    There wasn't much in the way of parking space (although that is partly the fault of all the construction)
    Not enough toilets
    The camping situation
    Noise in the camp site
    The CS:S final being delayed by five hours...

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    The New Venue
    Content team of win
    Getting to see people again
    The new stage
    The subwoofers/projector of said new stage
    The exhibition hall
    Having everyone all in big rooms again
    Rather tasty pizza
    The epic TF2 final. GG to both teams, haven't seen something that exciting in a good while!


    NOT GETTING TO DO CASE ARTWORK! Will sort myself out @inext
    Being stuck behind said subwoofers all LAN
    Campsite could get loud at times with no clear "quiet area"
    Teething problems of new venue
    Inability to kill lights in halls - I always loved the look of that
    Having to bail on the sunday because of illness - sorry again content


    The state of my stomach. You really don't want to know.

    Overall, I throughly enjoyed it. Easily on par with Newbury, only bigger, and definitely better than Stoneleigh imho. Looking forward to inext

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